If you enjoy traveling in Greece and your next choosen holiday destination is Messinia, now is the time to set your 2021 goals, concerning your future tour-activity plan, during your holiday !!
The following list composes the top TEN tours and activities in Messinia, for day trips to the island or mainland from Kalamata, with the Trigilidas travel for 2021.
The classification is not random, but there is always a reason behind it that pushes us to choose a specific tour.

It is the uniqueness of each destination and the high services of Trigilidas travel.

A tour with a cause, then? Why not; Air ,Sea or land | Lake,River or Sea | Island or Mainland :
You will decide and choose your tour – activity , we will travel you safely and consistently !!

Top 1 Ancient Messene | Messinian footsteps of antiquity !!
Follow us to the ancient Messinian footsteps of antiquity and learn about the most promised new excavated archeological park of Greece !!

The ancient city of Messini (Messene)
was erected by the Theban general Epaminondas after his victory in the war with Sparti in 371B.C. Messini was built up the foothills of the sacred mountain of Ithomi and had temples, houses, public buildings, a stadium and a theatre. Excavations reveal that today’s village of Mavromati is built on the site of the ancient city, whose surrounding walls are considered to be the most impressive remains of military architecture of 4th century B.C..

Most of the area of Ancient Messene contains the ruins of the large classical city-state of Messene refounded by Epaminondas in 369 BC, after the battle of Leuctra and the first Theban invasion of the Peloponnese. Epaminondas invited the return to their native land of all the families that had gone into exile from Messenia during its long struggle with and servitude under the military state of Sparta, now finished as a conquering state. This new Messene, today’s Ancient Messene, was constructed over the ruins of Ithome, an ancient city originally of Achaean Greeks, destroyed previously by the Spartans and abandoned for some time. Currently the substantial ruins are a major historical attraction. Much of it has been archaeologically excavated and partly restored or preserved for study and public viewing, as well as for various events. Ideal tour for ancient history lovers!!


Top 2 Kalamata  | city tour half day !!
Kalamata , proud mistress of the Messenian gulf…
Kalamata is a destination that easily serves as a strategic base for exciting touring of the area.

One side bathes in the deep blue waters of the gulf of Messenia, while the other leans heavy against the foot of Mount Taygetos, the imposing Kalathi. The capital of Messenia is a modern urban centre with a good street plan, aristocratic buildings, pedestrian walkways, good tourism infrastructure and an intense nightlife. Nevertheless, the Gulf of Messenia gives it a seaside air that makes it stand out from other towns in the Peloponnese, and thanks to its fertile soil, the region is famous for its cuisine.
Come to join us to learn about the secrets of the city !!


Top 3 Pylia | Pylos-Methoni-Finikounda-Koroni
Visit the historical greenery and picturesque area of Pylia, the “other figure (Peninsula)”

Pylos has been inhabited since Neolithic times. It was a significant kingdom in Mycenaean Greece, with remains of the so-called “Palace of Nestor” excavated nearby, named after Nestor, the king of Pylos in Homer’s Iliad. In Classical times, the site was uninhabited, but became the site of the Battle of Pylos in 425 BC, during the Peloponnesian War. Don’t miss to visit the Venetian fortress of Pylos.

At the southern trip of the peninsula is the citadel of Methoni, where a massive bridge reaches the Bourdzi tower, which is built on an islet.

Our lunch stop at the exotic Finikounda. Finikounda does not have many palm-trees, but hides in its bosom the most enchanting beaches of Messinia. These sandy beaches have made this small coastal fishing village a popular summer holiday resort. The village was established 150 years ago by fishermen from Crete and is literally built on the sand!

Koroni is also called “The Lady of the South”. A lovely authentic village where fishing and farming dominate daily life. Without a visit to the old castle and the monastery, your visit to Koroni will not be complete. A unique piece of history is right at your feet and will tell you lot’s about Koroni’s history.


Top 4 North Messinia – Neda gorge & waterfalls  | River Trekking & swimming
At the foothills of mount Lykaion lay the springs of a beautiful “female” river called Neda. The river is a natural boundary between Ilia and Messinia. According to Greek mythology Neda was a nymph, a goddess of water and she was one of those who nourished Zeus. The gorge of river Neda is a natural wonder of the Messinian countryside. The constantly varying landscape, the lush, the turquoise waters and the majestic cliffs, make the crossing of this gorge an unforgettable experience.

Our route begins near village of Platania where we gain access to the gorge from the nearby bridge. We get all the necessary equipment and we are ready to do an amazing crossing. We follow the stream which leads us into a totally unspoiled natural environment. We walk through wild vegetation, old plane trees and wild oaks, through narrow rocky passages and impressive ponds discovering a well hidden and genuine natural paradise. Near the village of Neda we discover an enchanting portrait of nature. A creek called ‘’ neraidorema’’ (fairy creek). Crystal waterfalls flowing endlessly create blue ponds then poured into the main river and continue rapidly their course to the sea. At this spot is the end of our journey. We relax in the wake of the gurgling water enjoying traditional delicacies and refreshing swims in the cool waters of the ponds.


Top 5 Madaina | Olive oil tasting picking & harvesting experience
Bringing you the best olive tasting, picking  and harvesting experiences:  Be a farmer ,help with the olive harvest and reward yourself with your own fabulous extra virgin olive oil.
This tour is designed to guide you to the best olive picking procedure showing you the way of olive picking and harvesting in the small village of Madaina where you can participate in the olive harvest.

On an olive picking day ( During months October – February depending the raining falls annually) you will be working and staying in beautiful surroundings (olive groves are often full of wild flowers and butterflies), you will receive a warm welcome from owners keen to share with you their way of life and gain the satisfaction of helping to gather in the harvest. Even better you will discover that nothing tastes nicer than fresh extra virgin olive oil produced from the olives that you have helped to hand pick from the tree and will have watched being pressed in the local mill.

Trigilidas travel also brings you a hand picked range of other olive related experiences … walking and cycling tours through olive groves, books written by people living the dream, and museums to visit, information on olive cultivation including growing, harvesting and production methods, find out where to buy hundred year old olive trees, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil beauty products  … in fact everything a lover of olives and olive oil could possibly want.

Come join and experience the olive harvest for yourself !!

For Olive tour and tasting available for all year depending the weather conditions and quality of production. Olive picking and harvest period from mid October till Mid February.


Top 6 : Polilimnio lakes & waterfalls – Xaravgi village | Hiking and swimming
In central Messinia next to the village of Haravgi, well hidden among the hills is the gorge of Polilimnio. The presence of olive groves and vineyards in the surrounding area does not reveal the existence of this small green paradise whose streams create consecutive ponds and waterfalls composing an unexpected dreamy sight.The waterfall of Kadi stands between the big rocks of the gorge, with waters falling from a height of 25 meters onto the surface of a wonderful turquoise pond. Other larger lakes such as Kadi and Mavrolimna, give us also a chance to cool down with a swim in their cool waters. The sounds of nature, lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls will turn an easy in difficulty walking path of three kilometers a unique and unforgettable experience.


Top 7 : Vasilada Psaroulis vinery | Wine tasting & Vineyards
We care on bringing you in touch with the wines and flavours of Peloponnese. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to offer you a package on the wide spectrum of local wine presentation, wine tasting learning, combination of wine with local flavours, vine landscapes, along with the views of a unique -in the world- ecosystem, all inclusive.

Our guest during the wine tour, have the chance to visit the village Vasilada close to Kalamata, the winery and the vineyyards of Psaroulis family, exclusively chosen for the highly quality products, their approach on making wines, as also to their dedication to the Peloponnesian wine itself.

Our guests will taste more than three different kinds of wine. They will also have the opportunity to discuss about the wines they taste with our trained escort or the winemaker, having at the end of the sensational tour an integrated idea of the wines produced on Peloponnese and particularly in Messinia. During the wine route between villages, stopovers, will give you the chance to visit at an idyllic landscape of great natural beauty, and sites such as the castle of Androusa ,which was built at 1250 by the ruler of the Principality of Achaea Guillaume II de Villehardouin, the Andromonastiro, one of the most impressive monuments of Messenia, important for its particular architecture. Its name was given so that it could stand out from the nearby Byzantine monastery of Samarina, even though tradition relates its history and name with emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos, who, in order to honor Patriarch Athanasius I, who came from Androusa, offered the two monasteries to his birthplace.During the final visit ,in every tour, an assortment of local Messinian cheese and ham, or a traditional product lallagia – the donut of Messinia (for vegetarians) are offered, in order to give our guest the chance to combine local wines and flavours. Cheers !!


Top 8 Hiking in Messinia

In the large area of Messinia there are a lot of places with an enviroment of extreme beauty , full of green , ready to be explored.In Ridomo gorge or in Neda river or at Biliovo trail could be the beggining of a fansinating hiking route. Anyone can participate , since all routes are with minimum difficulty and unique experiences.

Biliovo trail cobblestone path to Altomira | Hiking experience
Biliovo is considered as one of the most well preserved traditional cobblestone paths of Greece, unique in its kind and it is classified as a folk architectural monument. It was created by local artisans in the early 20th century in a collaborative effort, which lasted 25 years! It has been a vital boost for the local social & economic growth of the area since it used to link not only the villages Sotirianika and Altomira, but also, in broaden terms,the higher with the lower villages of western Mani.

Ridomo Gorge | Hiking experience
West Mani has four gorges and Ridomo is for sure the most spectacular!
Ridomo Gorge starts from the Taygetos ridgeline and fades into the Messinian Bay running all the way down to Sadova beach, forming a natural boundary of the western Mani. During our hike you will be more than impressed by the rich geologic features of the gorge, with its evident stratification of rocks, its burst of intense rock color palette, being in perfect match with its splendid greenery.Lovers of adventure and vibrant colors will find that Ridomo’s spirited ambience and rich landscape are not to be missed!

Kardamyli | Hiking around Kardamyli
This route is a small trek to the place and the traditions of outer Mani where every stone has its own history. Here, the magnificence of the mountainous nature is harmoniously combined with the allure of the sea as gigantic mount Taygetos is so close from the embrace of the Mediterranean.

Our tour starts from the fortified tower houses of old Kardamili as we follow the path that once was part of the ancient so called ‘’royal road’’ connecting Kardamili with Sparta. Along the way we visit some of the traditional, beautiful little villages of the region, we walk through their narrow streets as we learn about their past. In a small distance ahead, mount Taygetos stands snowed in some of its highest peaks. A small break for a healthy picnic with traditional local delicacies gives us additional supply of energy. A burst of colors and fragrances of flowers and herbs overwhelm us and bring us even closer to the natural environment. We walk through an easy route, sometimes a stone built path and sometimes a shady pathway, immersed in olive trees, pines and cypress trees. Along the way we discover all the elements and images that make up the scenery of Mani, narrate its past and lifestyle of Mani inhabitants throughout time.


Kalamata | Hiking experience at the foothills of mount Taygetos overlooking Kalamata
Just a breath from Kalamata stands mount Kalathi, a mountain visible from any side of the city. You can see it sometimes clear, sometimes lost in the clouds. It is very rare for a mountain of such height to be located so close to a city and the sea. On its slopes picturesque villages smothered in green and even higher on its summit, forests of fir and pine trees and a stunning views to the sea, Kalamata, and of course to the gigantic Taygetos

We begin our tour from the cosmopolitan suburb of Kalamata the village of Kato Verga by following the cobbled path ascending west to the village of Ano Verga. A historic village perched on the mountainside with a plethora of old stone houses, narrow alleys and springs with crystal waters. We discover an authentic traditional Greek village lost among walnut, mulberry and chestnut and belted with numerous chapels. The view from the village over the Messinian Bay and the city of Kalamata is breathtaking offering also cool air even on the hottest summer days. Outside the village on the old threshing floors we stop for rest and a picnic with tastes from local traditional delicacies and fruits. We continue acsending to the top of the mountain, leaving behind us the last terraces with orchards and pastures. The path goes up smoothly and the first firs make their appearance. We are now on the top in a dense fir forest watching the summits of central Taygetos. Here there is absolute tranquility; we hear only the rustle of leaves.

Navarino Bay | Hiking experience at Gialova Lagoon and Paleocastro
In the western part of the county where the Ionian sea embraces the Messinian shore, we meet the lagoon of Yalova or Divari. The area being integrated into the environmental program natura 2000 is the largest wetland in southern Greece and offers shelter to wild migrating birds, which we have the opportunity to observe. Here lives the endangered African chameleon while numerous birds such as herons, kestrels, aegean seagulls, flamingos, ospreys, royal eagles and other migratory and endemic birds take shelter at this hospitable and safe environment.

Following the path around the lagoon, we have the opportunity to observe its ecosystem and receive knowledge and information about this unique and sensitive natural environment. Along the way we cross the beautiful beach of Voidokoilia and then we go up the hill of the peninsula of Koryfasio. On our way we get the chance to explore the cave of Nestor, the mythical king of Pylos. At the top of the hill we discover the medieval castle of Paleocastro and we walk over its fortifications. We learn about the intense past history of the castle and that its strategic location made it a valuable trophy for every conqueror over time. At this point we discover the rare geomorphology, the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape. While standing between the waterland we enjoy the panoramic view of the Ionian Sea, the lagoon of Yalova, the beach of Voidokilia and the bay of Navarino.

Top 9 : Kalamata – Messinian gulf | Full day charter a yacht for sailing cruise
Step aboard for a relaxed full day sailing cruise!
Once you have wearied of the delights of Messinia-Peloponnese on land – an unforgettable experience is to test your sea legs and enjoy a day at sea.  Sail around the Peloponnese peninsoula , Messinian gulf and islands of Proti,Sapienza,Venetiko in Aegean & Ionian sea
, with the deep blue sky above, the clear azure waters below and a luxurious yacht or motor boat to take you to unspoiled beaches or to any of the surrounding islands of your choice.

Should you wish to charter a yacht or motorboat, or even spend some time fishing the Aegean-Ionian, we can help you come up with the perfect package.

Jump on our sailboat and whizzing around the place, find cool little coves to dive into and dry off in the salty sea air on a deserted beach. There’s no noisy engine once sails are set, just the wind – so it’s your choice if you fancy a relaxing and meditative jaunt out to sea or if you want more vibes and soundtrack the day with some inspirational music from the onboard sound system. Unforgetable experience.

Top 10 : Kalamata | Stoupa – Koroni | one day cruise
Once you have wearied of the delights of Messinia-Peloponnese on land – an unforgettable experience is to test your sea legs and enjoy a day at sea.
Starting from Kalamata port , make a stop to Stoupa for swimming and break.Stoupa is a charming seaside village located in the Mani, a stunning region in the southern Peloponnese.The Mani is a favourite summer haunt of yachters and trend-setters who are into new and undiscovered European holiday destinations, as well as a permanent cultural and social hub for foreigners from all corners of the globe who enjoy holiday homes in the area.

Then we are sailing towards to Koroni a lovely Venetian port town with medieval mansions and churches lining its narrow, winding streets..This town is situated the town of Koroni, crowned by an imposing Venetian fortress, which dominates the hilltop. This town is unique and captivating at the same time. It is built amphitheatrically with view to the small bay, in a way very reminiscent of the Cycladic Islands !!

Come and enjoy the day cruise from Kalamata – Stoupa to Koroni.

Unspoilt natural beauty, beaches and waters that calls you to be left in their arms, stone-built towers and lush nature. Come and enjoy the day cruise from Kalamata and Stoupa to Koroni village.

Every Saturday from May to October ( Date and frequency are subject to change)