In order to meet the current demands of today’s traveler and to ensure the utmost comfort for our clients, TRIGILIDAS TRAVEL proudly announces the aquisition of a fleet of 6 new, deluxe and fully equipped motorcoaches for transportation here in Greece and abroad. These air-conditioned motorcoaches offer comfortable seats, large panoramic windows, high fidelity sound, television and video equipment-all of which make a long journey the most pleasant possible. With their vast experience and friendly disposition, our drivers are our most valuable asset. They are the ones who greet you with a smile when you arrive, safely drive you through our beautiful country and wish you a fond farewell upon your departure. As our passengers needs change, we meet the challenge by constantly updating our fleet.

Road Safety Policy

Recognizing its role in road safety as a company that carries out passengers’ road transport with buses, the company adopts the vision of reducing and ultimately eliminating, the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road traffic crashes, as the fundamental objective of its Road Traffic Safety Management System.