The new renovated offices of Trigilidas travel.
From February 2019 the “Trigilidas travel” in its new offices.
 Internal party among owners and employees in the new offices, was organized, on Monday 11th February 2019, by  “Trigilidas travel team”, which expanded and made its offices in the center of Kalamata, more comfortable and more hospitable.
 “The goal is to serve better our customers, but also to improve the environment for our employees”.
 Our company has its own history in the travel events of Kalamata and Peloponnese , which started in 1974 by Ioannis Trigilidas.  Lovers of excursions and getaways in Greece and abroad, can continue to contact our office at 4 Polycharous Street and T.27210 90900, 27710, 86200, or at to book tempting excursions tours and activities  all year around  !!

 Thank you for your support, the 45 (1974-2019) years of operation of our travel company !!