THANK YOU, for your warm response to our call, on the occasion of the completion of 40 YEARS of operation of our office on May 9, 2014.
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A lifetime of travel for the Trigilidas family, who in 2014 celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of one of the first travel agency companies in the Peloponnese, “Fare Tours”.
Its founder was Ioannis Trigilidas, the father of the current owners ,now known as “Trigilidas Travel & Holidays”.
“We are completing 40 years of operation since Ioannis Trigilidas founded one of the first travel agencies in Peloponnese and dealt with both inbound and outbound tourism, said the current director Vasilis Trigilidas at the event. The company, which for 40 years has not moved from the same adress at 4 Polycharous Street in Kalamata, “was started by our father, as a monopoly, since then we were almost pioneers in the field”.What did they achieve all these years ? “To travel almost all the Messinians and tourists to the whole Greece and almost all of the World at that time…till today”.
The company has evolved over the years, constantly renewing its car and bus  fleet, which has always been one of the most modern in the tourism market.  Today it has evolved “into an online travel agency and continues to evolve”, referring to the heavy legacy left by his father to him and his brothers, Dionysis and Dionysia Trigilida: “We are trying to continue a great legacy left by our father  and we are evolving in the direction required by the modern era and is the electronic travel agency.  The computerization of the company is done at 90% and the next phase, which will be presented at the event for our 40 years of operation, will be the online booking system which will follow from now on and has already entered our lives dynamically.  ».
 The event for the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the travel agency, took place on Friday, May 2014 at 8 pm at the Cultural Spiritual Center of Kalamata, “The event has the aim to honor the history of the company”, its director informed us.  He goes on to say that “we will show various photos from our travels and we will have with us our selected partners, who help us in the lottery for the gifts they provide us – while they will also make various presentations.  We will also have with us, among others, the #CyprusTourismOrganization.  In addition, we will have the honor to have with us the flagship of Greek tourism, our national carrier #AegeanAirlines.  There will be big companies, giants like the “#LouisCruiseslines” and “#Costacruises” as well as new hotels such as the “#GrandForestMetsovo” in Metsovo and the new hotel that opens in Messinia, the “#HorizonBlu“.  Our aim is to show that an old business can keep pace with a new one, and that things are auspicious for the Prefecture of Messinia in terms of tourism and the local economy. “
Various program presentations were made -since we have the summer season ahead of us- in order to deal with special packages with the Greek market, which is lagging behind and suffering due to the economic crisis.  And at the end of the event, lotteries were drawn.  “People responded to the maximum and we thank them very much for that!”
 The director of “Trigilidas Travel & Holidays” then points out that “since we started, a lot of things have changed”.  And most importantly “the philosophy of travel has changed: People ask for group travel, but they also want comfort and free time.”  So, “nowdays the trips have been adapted to the needs of the traveler, who tries to have experiences from the place he visits”.
 In addition, the company “has expanded and expanded into new markets: We have been cooperating with the Scandinavian market for many years, in terms of inbound tourism.  “In outbound tourism, we try every year to have variety and diversity of our programs – and generally to be in the market, according to the developments that occur and the economic situation experienced by the Greek and European consumer”.  The company also emphasizes special forms of tourism such as sports, cultural tourism and agrotourism, and “already many of our programs are based on it,” says V. Trigilidas.
 All these years, of course, “Trigilidas Travel & Holidays” “has been and continues to be guided by quality and good services to its customers.  “All these years, the main guideline has been and is consistency and security”, he emphasizes.  He adds: “We inherited this heavy legacy from our father, we continue with the same values ​​and we believe that we are high both in the preferences of the Messinians and now in our customers in Tripoli, Sparta, Athens and even Xanthi.”
 He even explains that the new technologies “have helped the company a lot to expand its customer base – and that is positive”.
 From its inception until today, the travel company “Trigilidas Travel & Holidays” travels throughout Europe and the world.  “Dreamy trips to every corner of our Planet, with consistency and safety” underlines the company manager.  He adds that the financially sound operation received by the 3 brothers from their father helped them to take the next steps – and among other things, “we have renewed our fleet and now have one of the most modern fleets in the Peloponnese, in terms of our buses.Six buses elevated and in the last year a VIP bus – since we will cooperate with the Russian market and in general the demands of foreigners visiting Messinia are high.  They want high standards, due to the investment in the hotel “The Romanos – A Luxury Resort”, in Costa Navarino, which increases the travel demands “.
 In addition, the company “is a member of IATA, the International Air Transport Organization since 2002, which means that we are officially notified in the issuance of airline tickets (direct issuance and direct financial capacity with airlines).”  Furthermore, “we have licenses from all ferry companies for the issuance of ferry tickets and we have been a member of the Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies in Greece since 2000, which is the main body to which travel agencies belong – and since 2013 I am also  “I was elected to the board of this association as treasurer”, says the director of “Trigilidas Travel”.

 In general, “we pre-existed in other association, such as the Chamber of Messinia, the Prefectural Tourism Committees, in order to be close to the developments.  “Both for the good of the company -as far as our clientele is concerned- and for the improvement of the tourist product of Messinia”, concludes Vassilis Trigilidas.”