INCENTIVES TRIGILIDAS DMC is a Destination Management Company specializing in the organization of Incentives in Greece since 1974.

Since then and with the experience we have acquired through various repeat collaborations with multinational companies, and with our perfect knowledge of the country and an extensive network of dedicated partners; we can guarantee the success of all your events in Greece. A country you have naturally chosen for its cultural, historical and philosophical influence as well as its natural beauty and life style.

Trigilidas travel Dmc is here to organize the perfect event for your company taking into consideration all the specializing factors that differentiate your company from the others, and giving you a unique proposal, made to perfectly fit with your company’s ideals, morals and mentality, ensuring that this event will not only be a success but will truly help you achieve your company’s goals and strengthen your employee’s team spirit and motivation. Every client will receive all of our attention and a unique “tailor made” program based on his particular needs and budget.

– OUR PHILOSOPHY: Every client will receive all of our attention and a unique “made to fit” program based on his needs and budget. A unique client warrants a unique response!

– OUR ASSETS: A multinational team understanding the different needs, wants and norms of different cultures. A well motivated specialized and enthusiastic team. Many years of experience in the organization of events.A thorough understanding of the fact that in our industry the unexpected is the normal.

– OUR ADVANTAGES: Perfect knowledge of the country, our continuous research for new venues, locations and new innovative ideas and an extensive network of partners

– OUR OBJECTIVE : Unforgetable moments for your clients all over Greece.