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Tracing the paths of the Revolution Nedousa – Madraki Monastery – Alagonia | 18 March 1821 Liberation Fest Experience

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5-6 hours

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The Greek Revolution of 1821 as a pivotal chapter in Greek history and a piece in the puzzle of world history. The goal of this tour is to comprehend the Greek Revolution of 1821, to highlight its significance, its relationship with other revolutions and wars for independence that flared up... More

The Greek Revolution of 1821 as a pivotal chapter in Greek history and a piece in the puzzle of world history.
The goal of this tour is to comprehend the Greek Revolution of 1821, to highlight its significance, its relationship with other revolutions and wars for independence that flared up at approximately the same time, and the effect it had on the rest of the world and how it was affected by it.

The Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution referred to by Greeks in the 19th century as simply the (Greek : Agonas) “Struggle”, was a successful war of independence waged by Greek revolutionaries against the Ottoman Empire between 1821 and 1830.
The Greeks were later assisted by Great Britain, France and Russia, while the Ottomans were aided by their North African vassals, particularly the eyalet of Egypt. The war led to the formation of modern Greece. The revolution is celebrated by Greeks around the world as independence day on 25 March.

On the western slopes of Taygetos near the village of Nedousa  (ex Megali Anastasova) of the former Municipality of Alagonia in the province of Kalamata is the HOLY MONASTERY OF MARDAKI, which is known as “TO MARDAKI”. Mardaki was built in the middle of the seventeenth century (1640-1645) by Theodoros Chandrinos who came from Alagonia (ex Sitsova). Chandrinos was a “muslim” that is, a junior administrative employee and was called a lord. He built the monastery with the rythm of “Savropigiakos”, that is, directly dependent on the Ecumenical Patriarch. The Monastery is called Stavropegiako because in its foundations they built a cross “sent” by the Patriarch.

Mardaki was never trampled by the Turks and for this reason it gained prosperity, power and wealth and during the years of slavery and the Revolution of 1821 it offered invaluable services to the Nation, because, apart from its great importance as a Religious and spiritual center, it was used as a safe and permanent stronghold against the tyrants, as a storehouse of all kinds of supplies for the struggle and as a refuge for women and children and the sick during the terrible raids of the Turks and especially of Ibrahim.

And the Friendly Society of the Greek Struggle seems to have had a strong base in Mardaki, because in it the leaders of the struggle made their meetings and meetings safely. Thus, on March 18, 1821, the local leaders of Nikitaras, Papaflessa, Anagnostaras, Kefala and others met there with a number of captains and gunmen from the neighboring villages and the Sabazika area. From there, after consulting with Petrobei and Kolokotronis, they descended and besieged Kalamata, which they occupied on March 23, 1821. For all this, Mardaki can rightly be characterized as one of the many “Altar of Freedom” founded in Greece by the virtue of the Greeks.

In this tour you will have the chance to visit picturesque villages of Taygetos as Nedousa with small stoned built chapels like Agiso Paisios, Agios Loucas the Doctor, the renovated old house Museum of Nikitaras,one of the leaders and heroes of the Greek Revolution in 1821 and the village of Alagonia. The route you will cross : the path of the Revolution south of Nedousa, in the area of ​​Alagonia. A section followed by the fighters of 1821 to liberate the city of Kalamata. This beautiful path connects the area of ​​Lagos Hani with the Monastery of Mardaki. Our hike is enchanting, the landscape is constantly changing.

Especially during Spring time the environment pleases you very much, as spring awakens nature in the most beautiful way !!

After two hours of hiking, we will caught up with the divine service and immediately after, the event that takes place every year to honor the contribution of the Alagonian Fighters in the liberation of Kalamata and in general in the Revolution of ’21. The organizers, adults and children dressed in traditional costumes, the songs for the liberation, the dance … all these events will take you to the historical events of the past that we knew from the books, the years of the revolution come alive before our eyes.

Combine a walk to the paths of the Greek Revolution and a unique celebration every year on 18th of March taken palce at Madraki Monastery!

Prices / minimum 4 persons

  • 85€/person for minimum 4 participants.
  • 70€/Kid age 10+ for 4 participants.

Prices / 5 up to 8 persons

  • 80€/person for minimum 5 participants.
  • 65€/Kid age 10+ for 5 participants.

For less or more participants please contact us in order to offer you flexible rates.



  • Feel like a pioneer explorer in unknown unspoilted villages of Messinia with a rich history and outstanding natural beauty !!
  • An unknown and undiscovered enviroment of ecosystems and traditional settlements with rich history,authentic villages,small rivers with with running waters.
  • Traditional villages and settlements with or without inhabitants such as Nedousa, Alagonia,Artemisia.
  • The renovated monastery of madraki with the outstanding view to Messinian bay and Taygetos Mountain.
  • Small stoned built chapels like Agios Paisios, Agios Loucas the Doctor.
  • The renovated old house Museum of Nikitaras,one of the leaders and heroes of the Greek Revolution in 1821.
  • Adults and children dressed in traditional costumes, the songs for the liberation, the Greek dances ... all these events will take you to the historical events of the past during the Greek Independence war.


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Summary - Activity plan :
Summary - Activity plan :

This tour is available every year, on 18th of March. After your booking we’ll then get back to you with the confirmation.

If you don’t find any dates that are suitable for you, just get in touch by phone or email and we’ll let you know if anything can be arranged. We always do our best to get the experience that suits you best.

Suggested equipment taking with you:
Suggested equipment taking with you:

Comfortable athletic clothing that allows you to move freely.
Bottle of water 1,5lt.
Sunscreen (especially during summer months).
Hiking shoes (low or high). Trainers, open shoes like sandals or flip-flops are unsuitable.
One day hiking backpack 20lt (if available).
A spare T-shirt.
A windstopper jacket.
Appropriate clothes for the season.

Meeting points and departure time :
Meeting points and departure time :

Difficulty level : Easy,suitable for adults and children (minimum age 10 years).
Season: all year.
Duration (total): 5-6 hours​.
Meeting point: At your accommodation in Kalamata.​
Departure time: 07:00 a.m.

Final meeting time,point and information will be advised by sms or email one (1) day before the departure of your tour/activity.

Entry requirements :
Entry requirements :

This is a great activity for a holiday for those who want to have a first hike experience but also for those who love to hike.
The trek is of average difficulty so you don’t need to be especially fit.
No trekking experience is required.
Great for solo travelers, couples, friends, and parents with young children (10 years minimum)
First-time hikers are welcome.

If you have any food ingredient allergy or allergy on other natural sources like egg bees, please let us know.

Children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Level of difficulty / Characteristics :
Level of difficulty / Characteristics :

Participants should feel comfortable in walking and able to walk.

Difficulty level : Easy, suitable for children and adults​
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn​
Duration (total): 5-6 hours​.

Important notice :
Important notice :

For any tour is required a minimum number of participations in order to be materialized. In case of less participants our travel agency has the right to cancel the tour or to postpone the date in another with more participants.Last day of information about the materialisation of the tour can be 1 day before departure as some new last minute - bookings or cancelations can influence the tour.

Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation Policy :

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the prebooked tour.

Covid19 special information :
Covid19 special information :

All customer touchpoints are frequently cleaned.
Social distancing is maintained in vehicles up to 65% of the total capacity per vehicle ( taxi-minivan-minibus-bus)
The number of visitors is limited to reduce crowds.
Masks are required, please bring your own..


  • Transfer from / to your resort in Kalamata.Option for transfer from other resorts in Messinia with extra cost.
  • Tour planning – Sightseeing.
  • Picnic Lunch with local products.
  • Photographs from the tour.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Guide Hiking Escort (English speaker).
  • Photos, bring you usb stick or your email.​
  • Taxes and fees.​
  • Liability insurance.
  • Anything not mentioned above.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Personal Insurance.
  • Any kind of extra food and beverage.
  • Tips and Portages (Optional).

Tour's Location

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