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Tinos by Helicopter | One Day Flightseeing experience

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What makes the difference? Experience a thrill of a lifetime while flying by helicopter over beautiful destinations or natural wonders. Views of the incredible surrounding rivers, lakes and mind blowing coastal mountains or archaeological sites will leave you with a lasting memory of Greece. Cyclades - the most famous island... More

What makes the difference?
Experience a thrill of a lifetime while flying by helicopter over beautiful destinations or natural wonders. Views of the incredible surrounding rivers, lakes and mind blowing coastal mountains or archaeological sites will leave you with a lasting memory of Greece.

Cyclades – the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea comprises some of the most beautiful islands in the world! Gorgeous sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue, traditional lifestyle, folk music, hospitable people and barren landscapes with isolated chapels turn a trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience.

Ask your pilot for recommendations at your destination or let us inspire you with our local guides to get the most of your trip.

Any starting point is possible
Imagine having breakfast at your hotel and board your private helicopter tour in Greece at lunch time. We can pick you up from helipads of our exclusive hotel and villa partners and drop you back off after your adventure.

Fasten your seat belts
Once your pilot made sure that your are securely and comfortably seated you will take off. Experience your vacation island or the neighboring islands at the beginning of your trip to get inspired of the area surrounding you.

Touch down anywhere
Before booking you can decide or get inspired by us, of what you need to see and where you might want to touch down to take a closer look or to grab some drinks. The helicopter will be waiting for you to take you back to your accommodation.

Take your breakfast on another destination Mainland or island
Imagine waking up, getting ready and boarding an early helicopter flight at your hotels door to enjoy some breakfast on the neighboring island you see from your hotel room.Start into an adventure you will never forget.

Enjoy the early mornings on the islands
Even during high season you will find islands filled with tranquility in the mornings, pulsing up throughout the day.
Take your helicopter tour i.g. from Santorini to Mykonos for example or see some archeological sights on Naxos.

Stay the night away
Fly into sunset back to your hotel or stay the night somewhere else to see the changes of the islands vibes.
See some culture on Naxos, swim a lonely beach on Paros and celebrate sunset on Mykonos at the same day.

Helicopter transfer to  Tinos Island – The Aegean Muse
Time to spread your wings with a special muse, the Aegean island of Tinos. Carpets of golden sands lace the coasts and spring waters create oases between its rugged mountainsides. The locals work with such zeal to honour their little paradise that every village is a masterpiece, with a genuinely warm welcome awaiting you in each.
From the flora and fauna, the people have created a rich gastronomy. From their marble they have carved out a legacy of statues and a distinctive architectural style, crowned by the glorious Church of The Holy Virgin. The land was adorned with decorative dovecots, churches, temples, colorful bell towers, wind and watermills as a token of generous appreciation to the seeds of inspiration this blessed island offers so genuinely.

Choose your helicopter:
You can take a helicopter private transfer from all destination to Tinos, the only thing you will need to decide, is the helicopter that should bring you there. Depending on the size of your passenger group you will have the choice between our Airbus EC120 seating up to 4 passengers plus pilot or our Airbus EC135 seating up to 5 passengers plus pilot.

Fasten your belt and let’s live a unique experience of  Flightseeing to the Greek Top Destinations !!

Ask for our best prices for this personalised vip service …



  • Experience a thrill of a lifetime while flying by helicopter over beautiful destinations or natural wonders.
  • Helicopter transfer to  Tinos Island - The Aegean Muse.
  • Touch down anywhere.
  • Enjoy the early mornings on another destinatons.
  • A lasting memory of Greece.
  • Our first Priority is your safety.


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Summary - Program :
Summary - Program :

Tour Duration:
We suggest a 20 minutes sightseeing tour. Depending on your departure place the flight time may be longer.

To give you a rough idea of the transfer times:

Helicopter transfer Mykonos to Tinos will take approx. 7 minutes.
Helicopter transfer Santorini to Tinos will take approx. 30 minutes.
Helicopter transfer Athens to Tinos will take approx. 30 minutes.

This activity is available all year, depending the weather conditions and you can select your date during the booking process. We’ll then get back to you with the confirmation.

If you don’t find any dates that are suitable for you, just get in touch by phone or email and we’ll let you know if anything can be arranged. We always do our best to get the experience that suits you best.

Helicopter types & information :
Helicopter types & information :

AS 365 • SX-HDY
The Airbus AS365N3 is a fast twin-engine helicopter which can carry up to 5 passengers in addition to the pilot.

It is probably the most luxurious helicopter for charter in Greece with its VVIP configuration and extreme leg space.
It is possible to move all seats forward facing, leaving no room for discussions where to sit.

With its integrated bar you can enjoy a cold drink, some snacks and sit back and relax during your flight.

You can plug-in your own iPhone or use the integrated iPods to listen to music through the Bose noise-canceling headphones throughout your flight. If you need to talk to the pilot just switch to the crew sound channel.

This helicopter gets you anywhere FASTER with its maximum speed of 306 km/h (165 knots) you will be at your destination within an eye-blink.

EC 135 • SX-HSM
Airbus H135 lightweight twin-engine helicopter remains top of its class with its distinct combination of optimum performance levels and highly attractive features.

It offers extended mission capability even in the most demanding environments. No trade-off has been made between safety and performance.

Airbus H135 passengers also enjoy an exceptionally fast and smooth ride. The high set main rotor and the shrouded tail rotor enhance in-flight and on-ground safety.

The large side sliding doors enable passengers to easily board and disembark. In addition, the helicopter’s rear clamshell doors facilitate simple luggage storage.

The H135 offers excellent external visibility during flight — passengers can sit back and soak up the extraordinary view.

With its low sound and vibration levels, the atmosphere is both pleasant and restful for passengers and crew.

EC 120 • SX-HVA
The Airbus H120 is a light single-engine helicopter which can carry up to 4 passengers in addition to the pilot.

The design of the cabin/luggage hold assembly makes it particularly suitable for widely different types of civilian and para public missions.

The first helicopter in its class (1.6 ton) to comply with the requirements of the new JAR 27 regulations, the "Colibri" is fitted with crash-resistant fuel system, pilot and passenger seats.

Very silent (6.6 dB below the ICAO limit) and with a very wide cabin featuring excellent visibility, the Colibri’s flight comfort is unique in its category.

This extremely modern helicopter uses a lot of composite materials and is fitted with the latest technologies: a Turbomeca Arrius 2F engine and a new-generation shrouded tail rotor as well as modern avionics.

Suggested equipment taking with you:
Suggested equipment taking with you:

Comfortable casual shoes - clothing.
Bottle of water.
Sunscreen especially during summer months.

Meeting points and departure time :
Meeting points and departure time :

Meeting point at Athens international Heliport.

Meeting time and point everywhere in Greece, according to your wishes and the weather conditions, with extra cost.

Meeting time according your wishing times. We will confirm it by sms or email one(1) week before the departure of your vip transfer or Flightseeing tour.

Entry requirements :
Entry requirements :

Basic physical condition.
No flying experience required. Light walking is nessecery.

If you have any food ingredient allergy or allergy on other natural sources like egg bees, please let us know.

Children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Level of difficulty / Characteristics :
Level of difficulty / Characteristics :

Participants should feel comfortable in flying.

Important notice :
Important notice :

For any tour is required a minimum number of participations in order to be materialized. In case of less participants our travel agency has the right to cancel the tour or to postpone the date in another with more participants.Last day of information about the materialisation of the tour can be 1 day before departure as some new last minute - bookings or cancelations can influence the tour.

Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation Policy :

Cancellation by customer:
In case of cancellation of more than 72 hours before departure - 10% of the flight will be charged.
In case of cancellation of less than 72 hours, but more than 48 hours before departure - 30% of the total flight will be charged.
In case of cancellation of less than 48 hours, but more than 24 hours before departure - 50% of the total flight will be charged.
In case of cancellation of less than 24 hours or no-show of the passengers 100% of the total flight will be charged.

Cancellation by Helicopter company :
In case the Helicopter company cancels a flight, the full amount will be refunded to the customer and according to EU rules that apply. If a flight is cancelled due to weather, technical issues, safety reasons or an unexpected restriction from the authorities, the customer is entitled to a full refund unless he wishes to reschedule. Once a flight has departed and the customer wishes to either cancel the flight or return back, no refunds will be made.

Covid19 special information :
Covid19 special information :

All customer touchpoints are frequently cleaned.

Social distancing is maintained in vehicles up to 65% of the total capacity per vehicle ( taxi-minivan-minibus-bus).

The number of visitors is limited to reduce crowds.

Masks are required, please bring your own..


  • Flightseeing from half or 1 hour till one(1) day or multi days rental of the Helicopter.
  • All pilots are trained above EASA and HCAA regulations with thousands of flight hours on duty.
  • English speaking Pilots.
  • Drinks and softs drinks on board.
  • Liability Insurance.
  • Anything not mentioned above
  • Transfer from/to your accommodation or city.
  • Entrance tickets to Archaelogical sites and museums.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Personal Insurance.
  • Any kind of food and beverage.
  • Tips and Portages.

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Tinos,Greece


Why book with us?
Passionate About Travel
At Trigilidas Travel we love to travel. We have first-hand knowledge of the itineraries we put together and we know what our clients want when they travel.
Unique Experiences
We want you to have a unique experience, taking you to hidden gems, we can also add those extra touches to make things feel all the more special.
High Standard
Our properties are always of a high standard, our suppliers are vetted and assessed to make sure that our own high standards are met.
We are as invested in your trip as you are, every guest really matters. We aim to give you excellent customer service, the perfect holiday and to leave you with a great impression of Greece.
We like to give value for money, often we are cheaper than most group tours. Our Private tours are more flexible, tailored to your needs & better value for money.
I'm not staying in a hotel, what is the closest pick up point?
You will need to provide the nearest major hotel to where you are staying, and enter these details as the pick up in your booking request. Alternatively you can make your way to the main departure point (Nedontos 79 str.).
Are you offering special group rates?
Trigilidas Travel as a tour organizer is specialized also to groups and private tours so please mail us at or
Can I change/amend my booking?
It may be possible to amend your booking however, this depends upon the type of amendment required and is at the discretion of the travel service provider. Contact Trigilidas Travel customer care department with your current booking details and specific details of your amendment, and we will be able to advise if the change/amendment is possible.
When do I receive confirmation of my booking?
The confirmation process depends upon the booking conditions. These are explained in the Additional Information field, located on the tour & activity information page. Most tours are confirmed at time of booking; however, others will be advised to you within 12-48 hours. If confirmation or otherwise is not received within 48 hours, please contact us for further assistance.
Is it safe to fly with a helicopter ?
Safety is a core value, and a fundamental component of our competitive advantage.
All our Helicopter company become stronger by making continuous safety improvements. All managers and employees are responsible and accountable for their actions and safety performance, starting with myself as FOM and accountable executive.

Helicopter companies endorse all personnel to think and work safely at all times, regardless of any real or perceived pressures to do otherwise. To prevent accidents and to eliminate damage or injury, we have implemented and maintain an active safety management system (SMS).

Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable hazards, the reduction of risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable, and the sharing of safety information with our stakeholders.
What are the latest restrictions on electronic devices?
You can carry electronic cigarettes including e-cigars and other personal vaporizers containing batteries, for personal use, in your carry-on baggage only. It is prohibited to include electronic cigarettes in checked baggage.

Recharging of these devices and/or batteries on board the aircraft is not permitted and you must take measures to prevent accidental activation. Spare batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuits by placing them in the original retail packaging or by otherwise insulating terminals by taping over exposed terminals or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch and carried in carry-on baggage only.

In addition lithium batteries are subject to the following conditions:
Each installed or spare battery must not exceed:

1) For lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries, a lithium content of not more than 2 g or

2) For lithium ion batteries, a watt-hour rating of not more than 100Wh.

According to the latest safety regulations in most airports worldwide and for security reasons, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 can neither be carried on your personal hand luggage in the passenger cabin, nor in a suitcase in the luggage compartment, as it is considered a hazardous material.
What should I consider for Off Airport Landings?
Landing off-airport is one of the benefits of helicopter transport, but there are several factors that determine whether we can fulfill a customer request for direct-to-destination services. Our first consideration is always safety.

Helicopter company requires 1 working day to accommodate an off-airport landing request, if the zone has not been pre-approved. That gives us time to thoroughly investigate the landing zone and secure the necessary permissions.

An off-airport destination must always have a pre-assigned alternate airport. Even if the landing zone has been approved, the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) may decide that current conditions aren’t conducive to safety. The PIC always retains the right to refuse an off-airport at any time up to the actual landing, in which case the flight will continue to the alternate airport. The client will be responsible for ground transportation if the PIC chooses to land at the alternate airport for safety reasons.

Off-airport landing zone

Here are the criteria that determine the usability of an off-airport landing zone:

*The minimum area must be at least 50ft x 50ft. There are no exceptions.
*The zone must have minimal slope and terrain variations.
*There must be a safe approach zone that can accommodate variable wind conditions and a go-around.
*The zone must be free of trees, light posts, obstructions, bushes, high grass, fences, buildings, vehicles, people, or livestock.
There must be a method of restricting pedestrian access to the zone during landing and departure operations.
If the area is larger than 150ft x 150ft with no obstructions, good approach access (for variable winds) and has good pedestrian/vehicle separation from the landing zone, it is almost always usable.
Are there any Flight Restrictions that I have to consider?
All our Helicopter companies providers are European Air Carrier certificated by the EASA. Carriage within Greece is subject to the EC Regulation 2027/97, as amended by EC Regulation No 889/2002, as well as to the rules and limitations of the Greek Code of Air Law (Law 1815/88), where applicable. We ask our passengers to respect the ban on carrying the materials and substances listed below, which might cause irreparable damage to your own health and safety, and that of your fellow passengers. The materials and substances prohibited include:

Any explosive or flammable material which might endanger the health of passengers and crew or the general safety of the aircraft or the personal items being carried on board. Some examples of items in this category would include: any kind of ammunition or munitions or related mechanisms, gases and gas containers, flammable liquid fuels, any kind of firework, paint containers and materials, drinks with an alcohol content exceeding 70%, acetone, etc.

Any chemical or toxic substance, such as: acids and alkalis, corrosive or bleaching substances, disabling or incapacitating sprays, radioactive materials, poisons.

Infectious or biologically hazardous materials e.g. contaminated blood, bacteria and viruses.

Foodstuffs in semi-solid or liquid form, and especially olive oil, must be suitably packed in wooden boxes with absorbent material to prevent leaks which may cause damage to the property of others. If carrying food, you should be aware of any regulations restricting imports of foodstuffs that may apply in various countries.

The following items should not be placed in checked baggage, but should always be carried with you: medicines, jewellery, cash, insurance policies, securities, contracts, official papers, deeds, samples and in general any valuables, fragile items and electronic devices (laptops, video cameras, chargers, etc.).
What are the weight and size limitations for luggage?
Carrier may refuse to carry as baggage any item because of its size, shape, weight or character. Passengers are obliged to provide to the carrier the actual weights for themselves and their luggage and be advised that the carrier may refuse carriage of both if in weight excess of what was initially confirmed by the carrier. Carrier may carry one luggage at 15kg per passenger as free allowance, unless otherwise agreed. MAX three luggage at the dimensions depicted bellow. The additional luggage has to be smaller in size (L:55 cm X H:35 cm X W:23 cm) and soft. The carrier has to be informed well in advance, for any weight changes or correction thereof. In case the carrier suggests a bigger aircraft due to weight limitation, additional charges apply. In addition, passengers have to inform carrier in advance for any persons requiring special conditions, assistance or devices when carried as well as the carriage of sporting equipment*. Infants and children should always be accompanied and bring with them their restrain devices. Carrier may refuse to accept baggage as Checked Baggage unless it is properly packed in suitcases or other suitable containers to ensure safe Carriage with ordinary care in handling.

*There are two categories of sports equipment that we can carry in two of our helicopters (EC120 & EC135). The charge levied for carrying such equipment depends on the category to which it belongs and is not included in the free weight allowance. For carriage of such items to be approved, passengers must contact our Booking Department before their flight to provide information about the equipment and its dimensions.

Category: Small equipment weighing no more than 15 kg and no more than 1.40 m in length.

Category: Medium equipment weighing 15 to 32 kg and 1.41 to 2 m in length.
Are there any particularities with our Helicopter service?
All trips quoted are one way unless otherwise indicated. A request to board for the return trip depends on availability. Additional charges apply.

We do not fly in bad weather. You will get a full refund in case of cancellations due to bad weather, minus credit card expenses.

No smoking is allowed in or around our helicopters.

We can not transport medical oxygen or passengers who are dependent on medical oxygen.

Helicopters in Greece are flying during day time only (30min before sunrise and 30min after sunset).
I want to plan my flight. How does the process works?
Send us the your inquiry on our website.

Departure and Return Dates : Select your desired dates. If you are flying One Way or Round Trip, please kindly inform us.

Passenger information: Import the number of passengers. The total number of passengers must not exceed 6 and the number of infants must not exceed one. Bookings for children traveling alone is not possible. Please mark accordingly on the information section if an infant or kids are traveling with you.

Select Helicopter Type : It will be either a single turbine helicopter or a twin turbine helicopter.

Departure and Destination Points :Please select your departure and destination points. You can use also plane language other than the auto fill. If you wish to book One way or Round trip flights please let us know.

Contact details :Please provide your Name and Surname a phone number & an email address where you will receive your quote and where we can reach you in case of flight changes.

Click SEND to get a quote : One of our staff will work with you to narrow down a plan that fits your schedule, your budget, and your ideas. We’ll ask you questions about what you’d like to do, and we’ll make suggestions. Once you’ve decided on a plan, we’ll put together a written quote and e-mail it to you for your approval. Your flight goes on our schedule as soon as you return the signed forms and confirm the reservation with a credit card or wire transfer.

During our flight planning, we will also gather information that the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requires we collect, including your name, your birth date, and how much you and your bags weight.
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